Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rescue of the Week: The Sole Survivor (Baby Raccoon)

The Sole Survivor: would you like to help him?

A tree fell.

Little did the family who lived on the property know, at the time, that the tree was a home to another family.  By the time the homeowners found the raccoons, the mother and all of the babies were dead....

...Except for one.

The Sole Survivor was barely alive.  He was dehydrated and very weak.  When he was delivered to Wes at New York Wildlife Rescue Center, his chances for survival were slim.

He was given fluids and once rehydrated, attempts to feed were initiated.  The little fellow was so debilitated, that he could not even suck on the bottle.  Wes fed him for several days, 'round the clock, with an eye dropper and special formula.  Finally, he told the baby, "Listen, little guy, if you're going to survive, you're going to have to start putting some effort into it."

Shortly afterward, the baby raccoon figured out what the nipple was, and started to do his part.  Since then, he's been improving greatly, and is now a greedy little fellow who takes his meals happily.  His chances for survival have increased considerably, and we're now pretty confident that he'll survive to be released.

This little fellow is eating well, and going through about $10 worth of formula and supplies each week.  Once he gets older, he'll eat more, requiring other foods besides his bottle, so the cost of caring for this one baby is going to go up.  We're looking at between $250-$300 worth of care, food and supplies for this one baby raccoon through the summer months.

Would you like to help with his care?  If so, we at NYWRC, and this little Sole Survivor, would be ever so grateful.

Just click the Paypal button on this page, or if you prefer to mail a check, that can go to

New York Wildlife Rescue Center
c/o Wes Laraway
PO Box 410
Middleburgh, NY 12122

Thank you for visiting our blog, and thinking good thoughts for our little survivor!

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