Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy Day Updates

     April Showers may bring May flowers but I am already seeing the little crocus flowers popping out all over the lawn. The Turkey Vultures have been back in the area for almost a month now. I can smell the air, look at the new mission in the birds attitudes and I know that spring is here. The extra daylight hours have given me more time after school (and weekends) to get spring chores done. Our lawn looks like a frozen minfield of defrosted dog poop.  My wife has been connected to a rake for hours but her persistence is looking great. I cant wait to mow the lawn, dont try to understand it......I love mowing the lawn.
     St Pattys Day was uneventful, Easter with family was nice.  I have sent in our taxes and now hope to win the lottery to pay all of the bills. A corporate sponsor would ease a lot of the financial pressure on what we do.  Since we are entirely not for profit, all donations are tax deductible.   Right now, your donations are the only thing keeping our mission going, we couldnt do it without you.   The demands placed upon us get greater every year.  Our Easter Photo (5th annual) Spring Fundraiser was great as always. Our sincere thanks go out to Shelly Wood Photography for doing this for us every year. We also need to thank Kelly's Farm and Garden in Cobleskill and our friends at the Middleburgh Hardware Store for providing the location and hospitality.
     The only other thing we are doing to generate operating expenses (besides teaching fulltime at MCS) are our awesome "Wildlife Alive" education shows.  I have been on the road a lot with our message of conservation and wildlife preservation. Mrs. Burgetts Environmental Class and I have gotten over 100 Kestral Boxes hung up around Schoharie County. What an awesome project and it is not too late to get your box for $20- and get it hung up in time to get a family of Kestral Falcons nesting in it this year.  I will have the last batch of boxes with me at the SUNY Cobleskill Wildlife Festival on April 27th.  All of our events are on our website, try to tell friends and family about what we do and that we survive entirely on donations and programs.
     All of the alpacas have found great homes and we are really happy about our involvement in making that a happy process for nearly 40 great alpacas. The dog that escaped from our place while being groomed has been found and is now back home where she belongs......Thanks Cheryl Baitsholt and Kelly Martin. The deer in Summit (that I was worried about) has spent the winter with an arrow sticking out of her shoulder but amazingly (as I hoped) she  has lost the arrow and has healed nicely.
     We lost two old friends recently. My uncle David Hallock has passed to the other side. I credit him and my aunt Joan for making me into a farmer. RIP.  Thank you for never being too busy to let a kid follow you around asking questions.  It is only appropriate that I mention our pet cow Claire has passed on as well. She was the best cow ever and we all miss her.   I want to Thank a few people right now that I never say thanks friends in particular. You know who you are and I couldnt do it without you.  You give me a kick in the ass when I need it and a helping hand when I get overwhelmed.  When I wonder outloud why I have to try to save the world,  you smile and give me encouragement.  I get to meet great people all of the time.  I want to thank everyone that sends a check or hits the paypal button when I am looking at the bottom line. I want to Thank everyone that comes to my wildlife shows and tells me how great the shows are afterward. Just in the last couple of weeks, I want to thank the lady that caught the duck with the broken leg. I want to thank the lady that spent days trying to catch a crow with a horrible wing injury because she couldnt stand watching it hop around her yard. I want to thank the guy that chased an injured Barred Owl in the road  over in  Sharon Springs and the SUNY Students that transported it over to me at the school.   When ever I have a bad day and question why I am doing this, I remind myself that it was a destiny not a decision.....  I am lucky to know people that will go out of their way to help a injured, sick or orphaned animal.  It  gives me faith and inspiration that there are good people out there that care about things other than themselves. I am glad that those types of people are those I keep around me as friends....THANKS. WES

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