Monday, June 3, 2013

Guest post: "If you Care, Leave it There"

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Friends, it’s baby season. It is normal, good, right, perfect in the ways of nature to see baby animals "alone". The truth is they are not "alone" at all. The parents, 99% of the time, are nearby, watching, staying out of sight like a dad at his child’s first piano recital because he wants to encourage her independence and not distract her from her task. This goes for mammals as well as baby birds. If a little bird has all of its feathers and you see it on the ground, it’s supposed to be there! If you find a nest of baby rabbits seemingly "abandoned", do not touch them–mother rabbits only visit the nest once or twice a day, a tactic developed by nature to keep the nest safe from predators being drawn to it. Fawns are left "alone" by their mothers, who are actually quite nearby, for the same reason; babies have very little scent whereas the scent of the adult could draw predators to the bedding-down site.
You're invited to click through to the link above to read the full story of a little sparrow who thought he was having a good day, only to have things turn south rather unexpectedly.

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