Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Blues

    Not much new since last time I blogged. I went ice fishing for the first time ever. It was fun but it was really cold and windy.   I caught a fish when we were picking up the tip-ups to leave. I could see how on a nice day, with a shanty, cooler, bbq and some good friends it could be really fun.  I think that I am ready for spring. I am not looking forward to anymore of that -25 degree nonsense again.  It makes everything real miserable.   I love being outside and working.  I try not to complain about things that I can't change but that was just too cold.....
     Schoharie County finally had an animal rescue, see this weeks Times Journal.....a local cat hoarder got shut down.  She has been cooperating completely and asking for help.  She has even been getting cat food (for months) from the Animal Shelter.   Simple fact is that no one wants cats by the dozen and it is too expensive to have them neutered and spayed.  I dont really want to talk about it because I will get depressed.  I am sick of some of the other groups that call themselves "rescues".  I have said for years that there should be some sort of accrediation process for becoming a licensed or inspected rescue group.  I have seen it time and time again over the last 20+ years we have been saving animals.  Some of the worst rescues that I have ever been on have been other animal rescue groups that have gotten in over their heads and can no longer do things the right way.  I try not to judge the people, just help the animals.   Anyone calling themselves a rescue should be OPEN to the public and you should be able to visit their animals.
     The alpaca gals have been happily going to their new homes. I have 4 more leaving this weekend to go to their new forever home.   That should leave us with just 5 of the gals waiting for homes.
The hard part is going to be getting the next load of alpaca boys here in between bad weather, storms, etc....  They will all have to get gelded as well.   It will be a lot harder to manage 20-40 males. It will also be a lot more expensive than finding the female alpacas homes.   I know that this time of year is hard for everyone financially but donations are few and far between for the first quarter of every year.
      Have a great Superbowl this sunday.....enjoy the spring like weather today.  Tell anyone you know that would like to adopt alpacas to give me a call. :) Till next time, WES

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