Monday, January 14, 2013

The Gals are back in Town

     I felt good this am when I woke up.   Mike and I went to get the first load of alpaca gals yesterday. We were in the truck for 12 hours, my back hurts, I am tired but when I walked out to the barn and saw all of the alpaca gals blinking in the barn lights and muching on hay at 6am I felt good.  These are nice gals.   I want to start the adoption process soon. Contact me if you are interested in adopting one of these nice gals. Great fiber, no breeding contractual stipulation in the adoption agreement but to make room for the 20+ intact male alpacas coming, I want to get the gals moved and settled into their new forever homes soon.
     When I got to school this am I had an email from one of my past donors saying that they wouldnt be donating to this mission.   They said that the alpaca people have the money to take care of their own animals and that they should stop breeding their animals.....the market is nonexistent.  In part truth.  The first part of the comment is a broad generalization......  everyone does not have money now.  I know that I dont. Granted many people made a lot of money in alpacas but I know more people now that have them as "fiber pets" then I know rich alpaca breeders.   These animals needed my help.  I know when to get involved and when to pass.  I often tell people that their problems are NOT my problems.  I rescue more alpacas now than I do llamas. Llama breeders have stopped breeding everything they own and there are less unwanted llamas.   With the exception of livestock, I am against the breeding of animals to make money. Livestock should be raised well and be treated humanely for their entire lives, however long that is meant to be. I am against so much of what is going on today with little (if any) regulations. This includes puppy mills, rabbits for sale at easter, etc......this list could be long. I am also against pet stores selling pets to kids but there are certain things that I cant change. I am only one guy with a big heart. I have proved that one guy can make a difference and lives of thousands of animals have been saved because they found me. It isnt my role to play God. I will feed formula to baby mice when someone brings them to me but kill the wild ones in a trap when they are in my pantry.  What is the deal with that?.....
      To help people adopting these alpacas I am going to do the same exact thing that I did with the NY 100 llamas when they came in.   I am going to put together packages of 2-3 in a group.  I am going to waive the adoption fees and just ask for donations to cover my costs.  The boys are going to be tough to adopt as well because they all need to be neutered.....I am going to see if Cornell can help me with that project but the guys will be available for adoption  (at reduced rates as well) once they arrive because I know that will be a huge expense for myself and all involved....
      The email was all positive towards what I do, it was all negative towards alpaca breeders. I just want to say I know and I get it. I understand it all from all of the angles. It still doesnt change the fact that I am finding a home for 50 alpacas.  When I found a home for 17 cats and kittens between Xmas and New Years I thought that people should get their cats spayed and neutered but I never thought negatively about people that had pet cats.   I also think that we need to make the cost of spaying and neutering more reasonable for people.   I am kind of depressed now, but I dont have any regret getting involved with these 50 alpacas.  I dont ask for donations from my supporters unless I know that I will need them. I am NOT going to cover costs on this mission but we are going to do it.  I might have to drive my 8 year old pick up a little bit longer, we might not go out to dinner, my family may have to make sacrifices but we are all used to it. There are people that talk about making things happen and people that make things happen.....I make things happen.  All my Best, WES

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