Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here we go Again-Alpacas

    Here we go again with another big "mission". Notice that I am not using the word "rescue" here because these Alpacas are not being horribly abused, neglected, starved or abandoned (at the moment) but they need a home NOW.   Some of these alpacas cost thousands of dollars but their owner desperately needs to downsize her herd NOW or it could become a big problem in a really short time.  In the current economy,  times are tough and people (that I know) do not open their wallets (or purses) as often as they maybe once did.  The owner of these alpacas is giving them to me to find them the forever great homes that they deserve.  She is not dumping them at some auction, she cares about them and asked me to help.   I am NOT going to debate the camelid industry, laws of supply and demand, would of, could of OR should of.....One of my favorite sayings, IS.... "if its and buts were beer and nuts, we would have one hell of a party".   I do know that it costs thousands of dollars a year to run our rescue facility.  I know that I save hundreds of wild, domestic and exotic animals every year on a budget that is a fraction of a lot of other places.   100% of our donations go directly towards saving animals. We have no paid staff, just volunteers, including myself as Director.  I know that times are tough, our donations reflect it, trust me.  We do things first class not half assed, even if my wife has to get school clothes for the kids at Salvation Army.
      After we helped bring the  Montana Large Animal Sanctuary LLama Rescue to closure and I found the NY 100 great homes, I took a huge sigh of relief.  I had really laid myself out on the line for that group of animals. It all worked out and donations covered most of the costs but it was a huge rescue. We do NOT get any county, state or federal funding like a lot of other shelters or animal rescue groups. We work off of our blood, sweat and tears and donations from folks like you.  Some people get what we are doing and know that their donation isnt going to be used for administrative expenses, salaries and nonsense.....  They know that we are all about animals.   If I am going to help these alpacas get into a better situation, I need your donations now. Adoption fees will not cover my expenses. If I can find a home for 17 cats and kittens in 2 weeks, I know that I can find a home for 25-50 alpacas by spring time. Please hit the PAYPAL button on our website, send a check or let me know how you can help out. I have given my word to these alpacas that I am not going to let them fall into a bad situation.   Tell everyone you know about what we do, follow our blogs and I will keep you updated on a regular basis. As usual, All my best, WES

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