Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dirty Dawgs

    I don't normally plug businesses here on the blog but my daughter Hannah has asked for some help so here I go.... "Middleburghs oldest dog grooming establishment has some great specials for 2013. "

She has renamed the business "DIRTY DAWGS"    I suggested some much funnier names but it is her puppy now so to speak.....I hope that it doesn't bite her, she will get sick of the crap.

For $20- your favorite dog can get a "Wash -N-Go".   This includes a bath, dry, pedicure and an ear cleaning.  ( Lets be realistic, for $20- you cant afford shampoo and to mess up your bathroom.)  Gift Certificates are available RIGHT NOW for your favorite dog for the holidays or as a gift for that person that has everything and is impossible to shop for. BUT WAIT, there is more....You can get one gift certificate for $20- or you can get a "Dog Wash Booklet" for 6 groomings for $100-

She has also studied under a "Master" Groomer (her dad) and she has VERY reasonable rates for all dog breeds needing additional clipping or grooming. Guesstimates available upon request.

As if that were not enough to make the eyes water of any parent of a 16 year old.....just wait she has more ambition than you thought.

Also "for the kids" in 2013, She is now giving HORSE RIDING LESSONS, yeah you heard me,  pick your 10 year old daughter up off the floor Christmas morning........Gift Certificates are also available RIGHT NOW.
Just so it is all easy to remember, it is $20- a LESSON or you can get a "Horse Lesson Booklet" for 6 lessons for $100-  (Weather Pending) Trust me, this costs her Mom and I a lot more than that cheap price.

Call Hannah Laraway TODAY to schedule your appointment or purchase the Gift Certificates at (518)231-0596  

PS Any one want a kitten/cat?
PPS Dont pay to see LINCOLN, not worth the hype.

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