Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Tis the Season

       I am  jolly, most of the time.  Although the "no shave" November has turned into December and I am starting to look like a "really bad" Santa. I have to get this road kill off my face.  Speaking of roads, I had someone call me last night to let me know a bear had run in front of their car.  I asked if the bear was alright and she assured me it was and that  it  ran up our driveway.  I assured them that it was NOT our bear  but I was glad that it came up on our property where it is safe.....Ive never seen it on our property because we have too many dogs but I know there is one up on the mountain.
      I am desperate,  (keep your comments to yourself) a good friend has a 4 year old neutered purebred Boxer that needs a new home.   This is a really nice dog. They dont have time for the dog....I have too many dogs  so if you are interested, let me know. I would get it for my Dad for Christmas but my Mom would never talk to me again if I did......My dad has had a boxer his whole life, she wont let him get another one....Claims the dog will outlive him and she hates the mess....".happy Queen leads to peace in the Kingdom".
       I am happy for Josh and Brent for winning the Amazing Race. I was rooting for them but I figured the odds of them winning were about as good as me dating Anderson Cooper (guy can dream right)....I consider Josh and Brent good friends, even if they wont come to any of our parties.   Good things do happen to good people, sometimes. They played the race with integrity and honor. Josh said......"It takes a village to make a village".....The village of Sharon Springs is lucky to have you both.  Use the money wisely, if you need any tax deductible not for profit charity donations to get ready for your taxes this year....we take paypal, cash or checks ....:) Thanks for your support in the past.
    I am sad,  CANCER has claimed many of my friends over the years.  This time of year I always think about the kids without a parent.  I graduated high school with Heather Campbell Lawyer. We even had the exact same birthday (7/23/68)We were lifeguards at the pool together....She has such a great daughter that I want to hug every time I see her in school.   Two years ago, also right before Christmas....Cancer took the wife of my best friend in Brazil. RIP Flavia.   On December 11th, My good friend, relative and fraternity brother Tony lost his better half Julie to thoughts and prayers go out to Tony, his girls, his family.....  I try to live every day as if it were my last. I have always said that what you do while you are walking is more important than when your dead.  I try to practice a random act of kindness every day, sometimes several.   I help animals and kids....  what is more important?
    I am thankful, to Roger and Philly for letting us bring our "Wise Owls" to Iron Horse tattoos for Miracle on Main Street Middleburgh last friday night. We had a great time and got a lot of people in the tattoo shop or looking in the window.   Our next event is in Oneonta, New Year's Eve.
    I would be grateful......if anyone would adopt a kitten....I just had 7 come in today from an overcrowed rescue. They will need all of their vetting. They come with no guarantees for anything but they are free and they need a step up to the plate and adopt one.....  If you are already at your "cat limit" send a donation so that I can get them tested, vaccinated and fixed for adoption.   For those of you that need a reminder, 'tis the season to get your tax deductible donations in before Dec 31st for tax purposes.....  Ill try to blog again before the holidays.....Let it snow, Let it snow.......WES

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