Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Homeless LLamas

Tonight is the big night, the happy llamas are getting moved out of the front paddock. Besides for the 12 that have already been adopted and went to their new forever homes, the rest of the herd is moving up on the mountain. The horses are getting moved to the destroyed, devoured and devestated front paddock. Bruce, Mike and I have worked really hard to get the fences back up to the condition that they should be to contain the little mob of munching mouths that is soon to descend upon the fresh green grass of the back pasture. As happy and as nice as it will be to see the cow, mini-donkeys, Llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep and potbelly pigs up on the hill it is just another field to be eaten off. I have emailed and/or called everyone that I had received an email or an adoption application from. The llamas have been vaccinated, sheared, toenails trimmed, wormed and they have gained weight. Now they need to go to their forever homes where they can get the small herd TLC and care they need to finish their recovery and fatten up. I am sure that 20-30 of the llamas are too old, too thin or have issues that will prohibit them from getting adopted. That is fine, we can grow old together. But for the rest.....time to go to your new homes. I will be working around the farm for the 3 day holiday weekend. Schedule your appointment to come and pick out your llamas. I am ready to see them get on with the next phase of their lives. WES PS Wildlife Orphan Season is in full swing. Do NOT pick up baby wild animals unless you are sure that they need your assistance.:) Ceasar went to the vet. He now weighs 50 pounds, he gained 8 pounds in the two weeks since his last visit. I think that this little Great Dane isn't going to be little for long.:) NOT ONE PERSON has beat on our door begging for a cat. My girls (that have done all of their bottle feeding) are starting to think of names.......Please dont do this to me, adopt a kitty (I have several already)....the kittens are eating on their own now and using the litter box. PPS The next person that brings me a box of kittens will be beaten.:)

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