Monday, May 16, 2011

"Little" Kitties

I want to start off this blog by replying to everyone that has emailed me publicly, privately, on the blog and on facebook (I have 1000 friends now, do I get a prize?)...... I appreciate everything (positive) that you send me. The well wishes, kudos, compliments, etc. keep me going on many a day that I am ready to give up. I do not normally rescue dogs, cats or horses. There are other facilities that specialize in those three species and if I took them in regularly I would bankrupt our facility in a quick period of time. I do take in dogs, cats or horses (now and then) in certain circumstances. I ONLY do it if I think that they can be adopted quick or if it is a "do it or die" situation for the animal. I am only one guy, I can't save the world but I do the best that I can. There is a lot of details of stories that I do NOT write on the blog. I do vent now and then but I try to keep the blogs PG13 and I do NOT write down A LOT of the details when I write. I do work both "officially" and "off the record" with a lot of law enforcement agencies, humane societies and animal rights groups. I try to always do what is right by the animals and I don't push people under the bus to do it. I hope everyone knows what I am trying to say. "I've got it covered", don't ask or tell me what to do...."Im on it" don't need to know everything I do.....:) I save over 500 animals a year, I will never leave an animal where it is going to die but sometimes people with a badge need to do things legally. 'Nuff Said. I do take constructive criticism well if it is written on the third full moon of every quarter and mailed to me on invisible ink.....(joke).

Everyone that sent an email telling me what I should be doing, I have a surprise for you. You all get a kitten. Yes, that is reason to fight, I have enough for all of you. They are cute too (I know all kittens are)...:) Bruce,one of the kids that volunteers at the farm (that I used to like), brought the kittens back to work with him this weekend. I was nice enough to let him go help another farmer load hay for a couple of hours to make some money. He came back bearing 6 little furry gifts....I am no longer mad at the kittens, just Bruce.

These kittens really need great homes as soon as they are weaned/eating better on their own. Im sure that Gayle will put a photo up on the blog so all of you can pick out your kitty....while supplies last. :) PLEASE help me out by adopting one (or two)....
Speaking of adoption, Llamas are ready, contact me and we can start getting the paperwork done and getting them moving. 8 have went to Bob and Viv Fultons, I have another 3 going to a farm locally this sat. morning. Rain, Rain, go away........WES

(Sorry the pictures are blurry ... we'll try to get better ones once we train the little wiglets to sit still. They're really cute, about 3 wks old, 4 tortie girls, 2 black boys with little white tips on their tails. --Gayle)

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