Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Milestones

Well, I should have more to say ... here we go.

Tomorrow the Workforce Solutions Kids will be done working at NY Wildlife Rescue Facility . It will finish the summer. I haven't gotten the dreaded "Welcome Back" to school letter from my boss that officially ends my summer but I do want to state for the record that I love all of you kids... I don't like the word kid, you're not ... what you have done here is amazing. Andy (the college supervisor here this summer) is amazing. Although we didn't get everything done that I wanted to do this summer, it was more than productive. Tomorrow after our BBQ, I'm sure that I will have more to say.

I actually had two weird wildlife experiences happen to me since I last blogged. I always blog how people shouldn't be quick to pounce on wildlife. I was mowing up at the picnic area and something ran in front of the lawn mower. I thought to myself, "I cant even mow without saving something ... read your blog ... leave it alone". I watched it for awhile until it disappeared in to the brush, then I saw it again in a completely different part of the area. I stopped the lawn mower, as I was chasing the chick around. I heard peep, peep, peep from all over the area. Then I saw the big hen fly in and I hid behind a brush patch as I heard cluck, cluck, cluck and all the chicks I had scattered when pulling into the picnic area come running out to get reunited with the hen and walk off into the woods.... I need to practice what I preach.

The next cool wildlife experience I had was while I was delivering llamas to a new home, a great home (as always) I might add. I was standing in the driveway chatting with a great animal communicator and her husband said "ohhhh look at the bobcat"... Didn't have to tell me twice, I jumped up on the wall and saw the most gorgeous cat walking down the backside of the wall about 20 foot away. The bobcat didn't seem to care, we caught a connection and it walked on down the wall out of sight ... very cool. Not as cool as the home the llamas got but pretty close.

On July 8th, you remember the story about the small bat that came in that I thought was dead, revived and have been feeding nonstop ever since? He was about the size of my thumb nail, he is 4 times that size now. I like him a lot. We reached a small milestone tonight. He normally grabs ahold of the syringe full of formula but tonight I tricked him. I put a small mealworm in front of him instead. He ate it ... I was shocked. Did it again, ate half of another before he realized what was going on ... had a fit and begged for his formula by vibrating and showing his new little fangs. They grow up so fast.

I am not a hero but very few people realize what I do. I have spent 5 weeks of my life on a baby bat and it is working. Andy and I agreed that it takes about 20 kids to do what I do everyday while Im teaching.

I got a baby pigeon in tonight that has issues, I have tube fed lots of them; this little guy needs your prayers; wings are fine but I think that it has two broken legs ... may be his last night. JAMES HERRIOT, one of my favorite authors said that all creatures, great and small, the Lord God loves them all ... or something close, it is late. Everyone should email John Katz, one of my other favorite authors. Tell him to get down to Middleburgh and see what I do, I need his help writing a book. That will be a big milestone but I am ready.

I will start blogging again daily, just need to get my head above water again,

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