Friday, August 21, 2009

Wes Moments

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a one man army. WORKFORCE Kids are gone for the summer, I am gearing up for upcoming events....This sunday, I will be at the Summit Pavillion at 2pm to do a Wildlife Program for folks. Sept 5/6 I will be at Capital District Scottish Games doing our Celtic Critters and livestock show. Lots more festivals coming, check our events page.
I am having a Wes moment. I dont get a paycheck since June, Dont get another until Sept..... I really need to keep cash flow coming in. The calls never stop, someone brought me 4 kittens last night....said mother had abondoned them. Their eyes are open, at least 2 weeks old, reason for me to be bottle feeding 4 little kittens....Im tired, I want to sleep. You all remember the blog about the wildlife rehabber that had 4 coons and 2 skunks, not licensed for them..... DEC and I worked together to get them here instead of euthanizing the whole lot of them. One of them died yesterday, had to run that to the State Lab, tested negative for rabies and distemper but doesnt make me any happier. I hate to blog when I am in a bad mood. Friend of mine stopped by today, rainy day....he figured I wouldnt be doing anything (funny right)....I vented, said that I have rescued over 300 animals this one gets it....He asked how much I get from the State to do this.......after i got done strangling him....we had a great laugh. I have no regrets, I try really hard....I will blog again daily, I will keep doing what I do, right now I just need a break......even if it is only to go to Mass to take a Chemical Capture Class. Wes


Cori said...

Do you accept plain old volunteers or require some qualifications?

Gayze said...

@Cori, please visit and contact the center through the "Email" button at the bottom of the page if you'd like more information on volunteering. Thanks!