Monday, September 17, 2012

It is me again.....

Hi Everyone, I will start this email as I did last December with my usual apology for not blogging often enough. I will really try to get back into the routine again. 2012 has been another busy year for us at NY Wildlife Rescue Center and Northeast LLama Rescue at Red Maple Farm. We have been on the road on weekends as usual trying to promote what we do and spread our message of conservation and preservation of wildlife. We were really physically, economically and mentally exhausted with our large rescue of 100 llamas but things are getting back to normal now. With help from Cornell University, The Fab Beekman Boys and all of our regular supporters and friends we were able to do the right thing and find almost all of the llamas new homes. Now as things wind down from a busy summer season, I am looking for a new adventure to tackle. We need to start fundraising for the "Bear with Us" campaign. We need to build a first class bear cub rehab facility. Bear cubs are one of the only animals that we dont save and the facilities to rehab bears are few and far between. Details will follow, all it takes is money and ambition. I have more of the second then the first. I still want to get a raptor flight built as well for the rehab of raptors for release back into the wild. I would love a corporate tax deductible donor to help with a big financial portion of these projects. I would also love the challenge of a matching donation drive. As fall approaches, most of the spring orphans have graduated and been released. I still have a few skunks that I think are too small to go out yet but they will be released soon as well. We are all still trying to get back to normal a year after hurricane Irene destroyed the valley. Mike Ennis, our live at the farm- "Facilities Manager" continues to be a blessing to our mission. As a Cobleskill College Wildlife Management student I am sure that he will have even more to contribute in the future. Gayle continues to do the website, grant writing and everything that I cant. My BOD continues to trudge in the trenches with me and we hope to share more about the "Bear with Us" campaign after we meet in the very near future. I promise I will update soon and more often....WES

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