Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Born Free

This past weekend was cool. I released some of our raccoons and skunks that I raised this year. I will post a couple of photos soon only because it will be impossible to tell the location from the photos. One year I actually posted some release photos and people tried to figure out where it was so that they could go and hunt the animals. I have no problem with humane hunting but trying to figure out where I released some coons so that you can go hunt them is about as simple as a person can get. I wish that I had that much free time.
Since last time, I took the Barn Owls down to the Old Stone Fort Days the first weekend of October. We hung out by the old Dutch Barn and we handed out nestbox plans for building Barn Owl Boxes....something that everyone should be doing so that they can get them hung up before the snow flies. Last weekend I took several Birds of Prey to the Iroquois Museum for their Iroquois Festival. I really envy the relationship that native american cultures had with nature and their environment.
I just received some great photos, which I will also try to have Gayle post on the blog. The Eagles have been released. Jean Soprano had taken the chicks from our facility for the last few weeks to further condition in her large flight building. With DEC they released the eaglets back into the wild the other day. I wish that I could have been there to see them fly off into the wild but Ive done it before so it isnt that big a deal.
I am more distracted by the news this am about the private exotic animal facility in Ohio where the guy released over 40 large carnivores and killed himself. I understand killing yourself but to let all of those poor animals loose into the wild (that they have never been in) which has resulted in almost all of them being gunned down to protect the public is sad. There are thousands of great facilities breeding exotic animals legally all over the USA, for some species it will be the only chance that they have at avoiding extinction. Unfortunately, as so often the case, some of these facilities get too big/too fast and the care of the animals in their care begins to suffer. It is sad (but true) that all animals can NOT be born free but it is better to be born than not exist at all isnt it? Laws, Regulations, Licenses and Inspections are all important to preserving the exotic animal facilities in line. I have often said that any place that calls themselves a "Rescue" should be inspected at least once a year and be accredited by a national rescue organization, even if one needed to be created. Most of the small facilities have been run out of business by the mountains of fees, licenses and paperwork created by several agencies to continue to operate. I have seen several well run zoos and facilities go out of business lately. What happens to those animals has always been my biggest concern. I currently know of a small privately run zoo that is closing. They have been trying to place their remaining animals in other places responsibly. They currently have an alligator, 2 snow monkeys, 3 bobcats and a MTN. LION that must be placed by December 1st.....I could probably make room for the bobcats and would be willing to take in the MTN. LION if the labor, funding and enclosure could be built and inspected by then. It is possible....Let me know if you can help. I really need a corporation or group to help on this rescue....I am getting tired. WES

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