Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy Day, Happy Llamas

I love days like today, I like being busy. Day started around 530 as usual. Got everyone fed, out to pasture, shifted around and settled. The 99 llamas from Montana continue to eat nonstop, that is good. I got to school and had to deal with Jan Regents week caos. Got my students retaking the test, taught my classes and darted up to the farm during the assembly and my lunch period.

Brent Ridge, Fabulous Beekman Boys, was already at the farm. Talking to our BOD members and getting a tour of the facility. Brent and his partner Josh have a llama named Polka Spot guarding their goats. Polka Spot and the guys have decided to help us try to generate some publicity and donations for the"NY 100" as they have become known as. It was great getting to know Brent a bit without TV cameras around. He is a great guy and I think he was really impressed with what we do at our farm. I look forward to having Josh and Brent as friends. I really do think that our place is pretty unique as far as an animal rescue facility goes. I havnt seen any other place like it. The fact that every dime we raise goes directly to the animals, we have no paid staff. Actually our entire staff are a bunch of degenerate teenagers that volunteer hours every week, some court mandated but most are not. They see what I am doing, value it and want to help in the only way they can....with their labor. I wouldnt be able to run the place without their help. I really appreciated Brent coming over today, I hope that he brings Josh over soon so that I can give him a tour as well.

Right on schedule Jerry Gretzinger, of News 6, WRGB Albany came with his camera man to interview us. He got some great shots of the llamas and we can really use the help getting the word out that we have this huge undertaking ahead of us. Jerry is a great reporter and I think that I did a pretty good job telling him all I could about llamas and the horror story with these poor animals from Montana. I really cant believe that the Associated Press hasnt picked up on this story yet. As far as I know, it is the largest animal rescue in the USA since Hurricane Katrina. I hope that it isn't just because most of the animals were llamas that they are not getting the attention and help they should be getting. Llamas really don't deserve the bad reputation that they have as spitters and such. 99% of all llamas are loving animals that would never hurt you, you cant say that for many other animals. I had to run out on everyone that was at the farm at 12:30, lunch break was over and I walked into my 7th period class right as the bell rang. One of my students wanted Brents autograph, he was pretty surprised when I had it for him.
The rest of the day went fast, between classes and the pep rally for the big basketball game at school tonight. Right after school, one of my best friends from Brazil and his kids met me in school as I was getting 43 kids on the bus. Ricardo was an exchange student to Middleburgh in 1984, I was an exchange student to Brazil in 1986 and he looked out for me. I knew he was coming for a visit this weekend but friday night ski club cant be cancelled unless it snows too much :) so they all followed the bus up with us. I have them on the slopes skiing, Im trying to catch up on the laptop. I really want to get home, check on all of the animals and relax....long day. Keep up the good fight, WES PS Thanks Jerry, Brent, Bruce, Linda, Gayle, Eric, Kelly and of course my barn guys.....

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