Thursday, January 20, 2011

Article and Pictures of the Montana 100 Llamas

Please view the great article on the Albany Times Union website on the 100 llamas that will be arriving this weekend from Montana:

Farm takes 100 llamas - Times Union

Thank you, Paul Grondahl for a great write up!  The article has several nice photos of the llamas being loaded into the trailer at the sanctuary as well.

Also, please view our dear friend Ellen's web page on the rescue here:

And her great photos of the animals in Montana here:

Thanks to all of our friends for their support.  The needs of these hundred llamas will be huge.  Please consider donating via the Paypal button on this blog.  In addition, "spread the love" by passing the news to your animal-loving friends.

One of Ellen's site's photos of the NELR 100 heading
for the trailer to be loaded for their journey.

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