Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Montana LLamas

Hi Folks, We've been really busy since I blogged 10 days ago. Yesterday, 100 llamas were loaded on a huge semi trailer by Zeigler Transport in Montana. 10 days of nonstop work with the Camelid Rescue Coalition got 100 gelded llamas headed to us. There are still 200-250 llamas left in Montana. It cost over $9000- just for the transport of these 100 to NY. Donations have never been so important. I really hope that the other 200-250 can find a home before the rescue group that is in Montana leaves on Jan 31st.... I know one thing, we dont want any more than 100. This is one of the largest animal rescues in the USA since Hurricane Katrina. It is a huge undertaking by all involved. Thanks to all who already donated. Thanks to my BOD that have worked day and night to ccordinate all of this. I really want to thank Bruce, Eric and Judder. These 3 guys are the core of our volunteers and have helped me do almost everything over the last week around the farm to get ready for their arrival. Ellen has been vital to the coordination. Gayle has been vital to keeping the website and paperwork straight...to the dozens of donors, your donations have given us the faith thgat we can do one of the largest animal rescues in the USA and still pay the bills.....I will try to blog daily again or as I find out new news and/or get photos. Weve had two bats come in this week. besides for the little brown bats, things have been slow but it won't be for long. One person can make a difference, many people can make a bigger difference.:) WES

Trailer that is bringing the 100 llamas to NELR/NYWRC

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