Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That

I had a great night at New York Wildlife Rescue Center last night. We were visited by a group of around 25 Sportsman and DEC Representatives from our Region 4 Stamford office. After a quick tour of our facility, the guys went up to our Picnic Pavillion for dinner and a meeting. There are 9 Counties in our DEC Region 4. All reported out the interesting things that are going on in their counties. Topics included 171 bear reports in Region 4 this year to invasive fish that have been found throughout our waterways. Many of the Rod and Gun Clubs are doing some great things, it was really nice to hear how many things that they are doing with kids. All true Sportsman love Wildlife Conservation and want to make sure that they preserve our wildlife for future generations. I made sure that everyone went home with one of our packets of blueprints for various bird houses. It really validates "our mission" when people understand and appreciate what "We" are doing. I really don't think that most people get what I am doing (which sometimes I dont either) or they dont care, which is sad (for them). I've dedicated my life, every waking moment and every spare dollar to saving animals. One person can make a difference. "We" need to get nesting boxes put up around the State. I added Bluebird houses and Wood duck house plans to the packet I hand out at events this am. If anyone is interested in helping us get more nesting boxes built, please drop me an email with your mailing address and I will send you a packet. Until we get the plans up on the website, you can also find the various blueprints easily online by typing in wildlife nestboxes. I have plans for Bats, Kestrals, Screech Owls, Barn Owls, Barred Owls, Bluebirds, Wood Ducks in our packets. If anyone knows of any other box plans for other species, send me the link and I will add them.
This morning started with one of my students bringing me a duck to school. It is a domestic duck that they got as a pet and no longer want. I have to run the duck home during my prep period. Since my students are taking a test today, I dont think they would appreciate the peeping from the duckling behind my desk in a box.
Tonight after school, I have to meet another Wildlife Rehabber at the historic Blenheim Covered Bridge to pick up a wounded Kestral that she had brought to her. I love what I do. Never a dull moment. Does anyone have a wall unit for dogs? Our Groomer recently moved the dog grooming shop off of our facility to her own home and we could use a wall unit to keep dogs being boarded in our kennel in at night. We could also use anything related to dog grooming. Unused dog kennels that you are sick of looking at in your yard also get put to good use here. Does anyone have the ability to put in a small pond? :) till next time, WES

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