Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks Beekman Boys

I cant believe that I havn't blogged since June, I will get back in to the routine again since I know so many of our supporters like our blogs. June was nuts at school, Darcy and I went to Africa over the summer. I will get some of our photos on our website soon. Now since we are all back in school, things are falling back in to the routine....
We have a really busy fall with a lot of events planned for weekends. This past weekend, we attended the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival. This event was started by the Beekman Boys and the crowd was amazing. If you havnt watched the show on Planet Green you should, it is definately entertaining. We got to chat briefly with Brent, Josh and Rosie O Donnell. It is amazing that we save over 500 domestic, exotic and wild animals at our facility every year now. We must do events to educate the public and try to get support for our facility. I love sharing what we do with the public. Be sure to check out the upcoming events section of our website to see where we are going to be.
This summer has been incredibly busy. I will tell you all about my adventures soon in upcoming blogs. Please, keep the checks coming or use the paypal option on our website, as always, we need your support. Hopefully we can get a tv series of our own sometime soon, "Wild Rescue" or I can get a corporate sponsor to take some of the financial pressure off of what we do. Anyone know a producer???? Till next time, WES

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