Friday, June 4, 2010

Can You Donate Building Materials?

Dear Friends,

As we get ready to start construction on one of the largest enclosed Raptor Exercise Flights in the Northeast at New York Wildlife Rescue Center.... We are asking all of our friends to help us keep our construction costs down by contributing some (or all) of the following building supplies. The 175 foot addition will be entirely built by volunteer labor. Middleburgh Telephone Co.
has agreed to help us get our poles in. This addition off of our existing Raptor Facility will be vital in conditioning hawks, owls and falcons for release back into the wild. A virtual blueprint [may be accessed here].... Any individual or company interested in purchasing all of the materials on the list may have the flight named and dedicated to them..... As soon as we have a majority of the materials, we will immediately start construction.

(45) 80 lb. bags of concrete mix
(15) 6x6-12 P.T.
(15) 6x6-16 P.T.
(30) 2x6-16 K.D.
(25) 2x6-12 K.D.
(110)2x4-16 K.D.
(30) 2x12-16 K.D.
(110)2x10-14 K.D.
(65) 3'x14' Metal Roof Panels (Gray if possible)
(225 LF) 6'' Aluminum Fascia
(225 LF)f-Channel
(225 LF)Vinyl Soffit (white if possible)
(200)USP-RT15 Rafter Tie Downs
(60) 3x8 sheets of clear Sun Tuff Panels

Thanks for your continued support, WES

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PS: if you would like to donate money toward the raptor flight, please feel free to use the PayPal button on this page or send a check to New York Wildlife Rescue Center, c/o Wes Laraway, PO Box 410, Middleburgh, NY 12122.

Click for PDF version of our Raptor Flight plans. The flight will be a 12' x 172' addition off the side of our existing facility.

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