Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This past weekend, NY Wildlife Rescue Center held its 3rd annual Easter Photos Fundraiser. The weather was great and the crowd was supportive both days. I would like to thank Shelly Wood for organizing, promoting and doing the legwork to make this event sucessful every year. I would also like to thank Scott Kelley, Sue and the Staff of Cobleskill Agway for letting us set up in front of their store on saturday. I would like to thank Schoharie Valley Animal Shelter for stopping by on the way to their fundraiser to give us some support and food for the wildlife. The photos wouldnt have been as nice without the lamb that we borrowed from Elaine Jaycox Lacko. It is very nice of her to let me borrow one of her lambs since we no longer breed any of our sheep. Lambing season for 2 months right before wildlife orphan season is too long to go without sleep.:) On sunday, we were at the Middleburgh Hardware Store. I would like to thank Rich and Heather Vilegi as well. They have supported everything that we do for years, go out of their way to make the day special for everyone and I really appreciate their support and friendship. The last person that I would like to thank is Eric and Linda Brown. Linda and Eric have transported wildlife from all over to our facility (as needed) without much more than a thank you. I just do not have the time to drive around to pick up orphans when I am home caring for them. Linda and Eric came on sunday to volunteer, help out and it was nice getting a chance to talk to them without having to answer the phone, deal with visitors or leaving on an emergency animal call. Thanks to all of the people that brought their kids for photos. I recognized a lot of friends that made sure that they were there to support our cause. I couldnt continue without your support....I really appreciate everything that everyone does for our cause. All my best, I will be back soon to update everyone on the critters. WES

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