Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raptors are moving

Most people dont realize it but many species of raptors (hawks, owls and falcons) have already laid eggs and are nesting. My wife has baby squirrels already.The Kestrals and Turkey Vultures are back from winter migration. The redtail that I know from seeing it on the power lines (on the way to Fultonham) everytime I go to Frank Lackos to get feed had a pin put in his leg , had broken ribs but is stable and healing from the vet surgery.
I had a screech owl come in last weekend that had been hit by a car. These little owls are normally look like a train wreck after they get hit by a car doing 55 mph. This little guy had some head trama and eye trama but the wings and feet are not broken so I am optimistic that he is releasable. He went to the vet today to get it checked out.
Last night I got a call on a little falcon (North American Kestral). The guy told me that it had a leg band, I assumed that he had a injured racing pigeon but I met him. I get a lot of injured racing pigeons in. It was a beautiful little male Kestral. It was very thin. It does have a legband, which while giving it an exam I copied down all of the numbers. I called the registry and was hoping that they could give me the background on the bird. I told them that it was still alive, was very thin, appeared to have a foot injury and that any information that they had could really be helpful. They said that they would email me the info asap, I still havnt heard but as soon as I do I will share it with all of you. It is really kind of cool, I ve been thinking about it a lot. I cant wait to find out where this little Kestral is from, he went to the vet today also. It seems like I am at the vets a lot, besides for food, vet care is our biggest expense.
One of the Border Collies (that I rescued) had an abcess pop, what an infected mess. He has been at the vets all week for surgery, stitches, a drain, etc....I CAN wait to see what that bill is. I also got contacted today on a male Great Pyrennes and a little 9 month old male Sheltie mix that need homes. Unfortunately,I passed on both, I just cant afford the vet bills to have them neutered, vaccinated, etc. while I am looking for homes for them. Neither are abused or lack homes, they are just unwanted.The 20-30 dogs a year I save can put a big dent in our budget. If anyone wants to pay the vet bill on these dogs....I will call immediately and tell them to bring the dogs and I will find them homes. Most of the vets that work with us are good about the bill with wildlife expenses. I do not get any of a break at all with dogs, cats and domestic livestock....
I saw on News Channel 6 that Jerry is looking for a great person or group that is making a difference. If you would like to drop him an email at we could use the exposure and it is an excellent time of year to remind people about wildlife orphans and proper etiquite when you find them of what NOT to do.....90% of the time, leave them alone and keep your pets in and they will be just fine!!!!
We get so many wild babies every year that are NOT orphans that well intentioned, good hearted people bring to us. I have a great packet of info that I give out at events now. It has flowcharts of what to do if you find a bird or a mammal. It also has blueprints for bat, owl and falcon houses which I hope to get people or community groups building. Many Owls and Kestrals require cavities to nest in. There is a big shortage of tree cavities in the wild, one of my goals this year is to get people building different types of nesting boxes for raptor species. If we can bring the bluebirds back from being threatened just by putting out houses, we can do it for these species as well. If you would like to receive one of the packets, send a double stamped self addressed envelope to NY Wildlife Rescue Center, c/o Wes Laraway, PO Box 410, 167 Llama Lane, Middleburgh, NY 12122 I will mail the packet right out to you. I would also be interested in doing a program locally for any group interested in making these nesting boxes (by the dozen) so that we can sell them as a fundraiser at events that we attend. We will supply the materials that you want, we need help building them. As always, Thanks, WES

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