Saturday, December 19, 2009

Results are in....

Yes, the results are in, the raccoon was positive for rabies. I really just dont get people. The whole story I blogged about is a classic example of everything that is wrong with wildlife regulations and peoples lack of knowledge in them. This motorist is lucky, we had his license plate. His good deed could have been a death sentence. I was lucky, I got to talk the ACO through procedures and didnt have to drive an hour to kill the coon for testing. I have no problems with laws, I repeat, I am a volunteer. I dont have a badge or any authority to deal with these coon problems.
As I blog, a very nice woman from Amsterdam called me. She has a drunk looking coon stumbling around her yard. She got it to walk in a dog crate by sitting the crate in front of the coon. She called everyone, everyone said they didnt want to deal with it...I dont like it. A Sherriffs Deputy is supposedly in route to answer the call. Lets hope the coon doesnt have to suffer any longer.
On a positive, Dean Haskins ( a friend I havnt seen since high school) transported the 5 Chinchillas down to me from up north, all have been adopted...I like happy endings. I try to focus on the happy endings....... My wife and I were talking last night about the coon from the Capital District Drama. The first thing she said was "While everyone was deciding who had to deal with it, did anyone take in to consideration that the animal was suffering for over 3 hours?" I did, I repeat, I did. I didnt like it......I dont like it now either. I cant blog anymore because it is happening again right now while I write this.

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