Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks, I'm Speechless

For those of you that attended our Open House this past Saturday, July 18th, you probably wished that I was speechless. It was a perfect day, my High School volunteers, my 20 somethings and my "older" volunteers helped me get everything together and it was a great day. I would have never been ready without your help. I am so flattered that over 200 people thought that what we are doing was cool enough to come to the dedication of the Phase One half of the Raptor Center. We have worked so hard to have one of the best facilities in the Northeast, it is very important to do what we are doing and do it first class.

I have been flattered by all of you, your donations, validating what we do. I had an older lady from Middleburgh attend the Open House. She emailed me and said that she never understood until she heard me talk at the Open House. ... I do love what I do, there is such a HUGE demand for wildlife rehabbers. If you are considering it, do it but do it right. Get a mentor and do an apprenticeship.

I will let Gayle put links up for photos and videos of the event. I'm not going to rehash the whole thing but I do want to say thanks to my Board Of Directors, you are great. Our Volunteers and our donors are what keep us expanding. As I said during the dedication we are helping a lot of kids and animals here at this facility. Most people didn't even realize as they walked around the grounds that we had 7 animals come in DURING the Open House. We had a broadwing hawk, a painted turtle, robins, a cedar waxwing and 2 kittens come in. Our BOD members quickly got them into the nursery for assessment and treatment; the public never knew.

I am speechless, and very tired. I will get blogging again, going on 2am, I need to look over 370 emails and get some zzzzzzzz.

Till tomorrow,

Pictures and Videos!

Here is a music video one of our volunteers, Jess, put together, starring the animals of NY Wildlife Rescue, Northeast Llama Rescue, and Red Maple Farm. Enjoy!

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