Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grand Central

Another busy weekeknd. Already blogged about friday, Saturday was busy with visitors. Had lots of folks stopping to check in on animals they had previously brought to NY Wildlife Rescue Center got a couple of donations to keep us in formula. Had 3 Great Students from Cobleskill HS come over to help volunteer, many hands makie light work. I got 11 of the sheep adopted out into their new home, a great one I might add. Still have a few really nice Jacobs and Shetland sheep looking for homes. Sheep numbers are a lot more managable now. Found homes (that look long term) for both Great Pyrennes that were returned. That was the highlight of my weekend, I so want those dogs to get the good life on a farm that they deserve. I made it clear that a chain on the side of the barn was not what I had in mind. I had 2 coons come in on saturday, 1 fell two stories out of a roof. The other was in the road, both are younger coons than the ones that came in last weekend.

This morning I was exhausted, I planned on sleeping in until 8 am. Day started at 7am with a phone call from a concerned woman about English Sparrows messing with the Tree Swallows in her Bluebird Box. We decided that it was best to let them sort it out for themselves or put up more nesting boxes. Had another very tiny finch found by a shrub. We decided that that little guy would be better off back in his shrub and sent him back home. Another fledgling Morning Dove came in, that one is getting fixed up to go back out in the wild soon. Had some great folks stop by that want to adopt 2 llamas. I am loving seeing these llamas get matched up with perfect homes slowly. I am going to deliever some of the llamas next weekend to their new homes, I also have to pick up the 8 alpaca males next weekend. Speaking of domestic animals, I had a guinea hen and a pair of great turkeys come in today also.

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