Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grand Central Cont.

Falling asleep at the wheel. Also had a cottontail baby, a baby woodchuck that was dodging cars but will be alright. Also had a very old Opposum come in. Took a class on Possums, 3 yrs old for an Oppossum is ancient. This one is pushing it, poor old gal has lost most of her sight, is skin and bones and will get some TLC. If her injuries from being hit by a car don't do her in, she will get lots of TLC.... .Im tired, it is my usual one am, Thanks to everyone that visited this weekend, I enjoy it when you visit the animals you have brought, your donations and the kind words.....everyone seems to be amazed at what I am doing here....sometimes the kind words are all that keeps me going to the next day.:) My only regret for this weekend is that one board didnt get put on the Raptor Center, Wes

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