Monday, September 22, 2008

A Wild Irish Time

New York Wildlife Rescue Center had a great time on Saturday September 20th, as Wes, Michele, Colin and Gayle (and Michele's two great kids) attended the Irish Festival at the Altamont Fairgrounds.  Wes, Colin and Gayle left the farm in the morning with a trailer load of rescued farm animals including miniature donkeys, Scottish Blackface sheep, goats, a llama and an alpaca, and met Michele at the fairgrounds for set up.

Michele brought several of her beautiful birds of prey along for the ride:  a Great Horned Owl, a Redtailed Hawk, a Barred Owl and an American Kestrel.  These birds are all non-releasable birds kept on educational permits, and are wonderful, experienced "teachers"!  What a pleasure to have them along.

Michele and her Barred Owl

The weather was perfection itself, and the crowd was just wonderful.  We met some really marvelous people, who asked great questions and showed their support for wildlife rescue.  Michele's birds, as always, were a huge hit, and we are so pleased that so many people went home that day knowing much more about raptors, and about wildlife rehabilitation in general.

Bam-Bam enjoys being a petting zoo star
(and the grazing wasn't bad, either)

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who dropped a donation in the bucket, and expressed their appreciation in so many other ways.

Our gratitude goes out, as well, to the wonderful people who hosted the festival and not only welcomed us so kindly this year, but let us know that they're eager to have us return in 2009!

And of course, one of the highlights of the day was Wes in his kilts!  Yes, it was an Irish Festival, but "Anything Celtic Goes"!  There were quite a few kilts and bagpipes present, adding to the enjoyment of the day.

"Scottish Kilts" plus
"Irish Celebration" plus
"American Kestrel" equal
"International Fun"!

Sleepy Barred Owl
A very cool dude after a long, busy day

We really enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by on Saturday, and we hope to see the rest of you at an event soon!  Look for us next weekend, Saturday the 27th of September, at the Wildlife Festival at the Blenheim Power Authority!

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