Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy Busy Summer!

Northeast Llama Rescue and New York Wildlife Rescue Center have had a very busy summer! We apologize for letting the blog lapse, but sometimes there is just so much "doing" that it leaves little time for writing about it!

In the past month or so, we've been to a number of events with some of our animals, and enjoyed meeting many of you face to face. One big day was the Middleburgh Craft Festival, when the entire town turned out on Main Street to celebrate. NYWRC was set up right on the corner of the Middle/High School lawn. Kelly Martin allowed us to bring along several of her birds of prey ... a red tailed hawk and her wonderful great horned owl. In addition, Gayle was there with a new addition ... a five day old house sparrow who had fallen from the rafters of a riding arena. The large birds drew quite a bit of positive attention, and the little one's every-twenty-minute feeding schedule was quite a topic of interest, too.

Our thanks to all the friends who stopped by to ask questions, keep us company, and spread the word about our cause.

The following day we visited with the Summit Youth Conference group. What a wonderful audience! Both kids and adults asked some great questions, and learned about wildlife from Wes, Gayle, and the animals who came along to share. With us were the great horned owl again, as well as a marsh hawk, screech owl, kestrel, the baby sparrow and Kelly's wonderful box turtle. Thanks to the Conference for their interest, and for making us feel so welcome.

This past week we had some wonderful visitors to the farm. The kids from Berkshire Farm joined us for a tour, to talk about domestic animals and wildlife, to meet some of our rescues, and to join us for lunch. We finished up with a fun craft time ... making pipe cleaner llamas. Thanks to the Berkshire Farm group for not one, but two, great visits. It's always fun to make new friends, and see old ones again as well.

Life at the center and surrounding has been very busy, in addition to our educational visits. The need for rescue, and for a center like ours, has been so apparent, as the stream of animals in need has been continual all summer long. From fawns (over a dozen now!) to squirrels to bunnies to birds of all shapes and sizes, there have been new faces every day at Red Maple Farm ... and the domestic animals have continued to need our help as well, of course.

If you would like to help out the center, feel free to visit our Website or give us a call. We are always grateful for donations of money, time, supplies.... the needs list is endless!

Thank You for Helping!

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