Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ways To Support NYWRC/NELR

Did you know that there are many ways to support Northeast Llama Rescue/New York Wildlife Rescue Center? And some of them won't cost you an extra dime!


Of course, there is always the option of sending a donation directly. These gifts to the animals are so gratefully appreciated, and are the backbone of our ability to care for them. With winter breathing (coldly!) down our necks, your donations are even more needed than ever. In the winter, feed and housing costs go up, we wind up with unexpected medical situations, and our ability to attend public events (where many of our donations come in) dwindles to next-to-nothing.

How can you donate?

If you prefer PayPal, look on this blog page for the "Donate" button in the sidebar. Also, there is a "Donate" button at the bottom of our main website,, which is always accessible.

If you are not comfortable sending money online, you may always send a check instead. This can go to:

Wes Laraway
PO Box 410
Middleburgh, NY 12122

Or if you prefer, you may download and fill in our mail-in form and send that with your check. It is located here:

Other Ways To Support The Animals

Amazon Smile is a wonderful program that donates a percentage of all sales that go through them to a person's chosen charity. It's only a small donation, but if enough good-hearted people sign up, it can definitely make a dent in our expenses. Now that the holiday season is approaching, if we can get enough people shopping through Amazon Smile, it would be wonderful. Please sign up through the following link, and tell your family members, friends, neighbors, dentist. trash collector and second cousin twice removed to sign up, too! Amazon Smile is absolutely free to shoppers, and is as easy to use as signing in to Amazon through the Smile portal (they will even give you a button to click on your browser so you can do that in one step).

Similar to Amazon Smile, but with hundreds of other participating stores, is iGive. When you sign up for iGive, which is also free to you, you can shop at a huge number of online stores, which will then donate varying percentages to NELR/NYWRC. It's perfectly fine, also, to sign on to both Amazon Smile and iGive, so that wherever you shop, you can help the animals, 

iGive also has a search engine that, when you use it instead of one of the many other search engines online, will donate a penny per valid search to NELR/NYWRC. Look for the search bar at the top of the page here:

Stuff Besides Money

Of course, monetary donations are always our primary need, but if you have goods and services that you would like to donate, here is our ever-evolving critical needs list as of the time of this posting:

  • Building materials
  • Treated posts
  • Cattle Panels
  • Sheep Fencing
  • Hay and Feed
  • Architect/designer
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Celebrity connections
  • Monetary Donations (always on the list, of course!)
  • Gift Certificates to Kelly Farm and Garden/Agway, Tractor Supply (both in Cobleskill) and/or Crewell's Feed Store (Middleburgh)
  • Occasional muscle power for repairs and construction needs (call/email ahead to find out if we need help with a project -- you can find contact information on our website, above)
  • Volunteer help with fundraising, grant research, etc

  • There you have it! There are so many ways to help the animals at NELR/NYWRC. Take your pick, and join us, as we rescue, rehabilitate, release and rehome the wonderful souls who come to us for help.

    Thank you with all our hearts!

    --Your Friends at NELR/NYWRC--

    And Happy Holidays!

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