Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Can't Wait Till Christmas

We Can't Wait Till Christmas....

Can you make a donation now?

Normally, as August wanes in New York, and September approaches, we don't expect to see new little baby rescues coming in for our help.  These baby squirrels, so little their eyes aren't even open yet, and the baby barn swallows (pictured below, as well as a couple more images of the little squirrels), had other ideas. Both the litter of seven squirrels and the barn swallow babies were victims of human interference (nest sites destroyed prematurely) and came to us desperately needing our help.

The influx of animals in need never seems to slow down.  However, the inflow of donations and funding most certainly has.

We at NY Wildlife Rescue and Northeast Llama Rescue are always incredibly grateful for your generous help.  We do understand that times have been tough for everyone, including the animals.  We're hoping that our friends who read our blog and Facebook page can find it in their hearts to donate.  Whether you are a long time supporter or a new friend, please know that you have our loving and sincere gratitude.

At the side of the blog page is a Paypal "Donate" button, and there is also one located at the bottom of our main website,  We are also happy to accept checks or money orders, and the mailing address is:

New York Wildlife Rescue Center
PO Box 410
Middleburgh, NY 12122

In addition, if you work for, or are associated with, an organization which is dedicated to helping animals and the environment and which might like to donate to the cause, please feel free to contact us at any time. Corporate donations of any amount are welcome with our thanks.

And now, a few more photos for your enjoyment:

Thank you, friends!
and all of the animals (and the humans who serve them) at
New York Wildlife Rescue Center

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