Monday, May 9, 2011

Shearing NY 100

I have always looked forward to shearing day at our facility on Red Maple Farm. Our shearer Ray Baitsholts is the best. He shears our llamas, alpacas and sheep. If anyone is looking for a great shearer that is reasonable and will travel, (518)-797-5201 is his number to get an appointment. Thanks for everything Ray, words can not express my gratitude for all you do for us.

The llamas have all been sheared.....oh my God I am so thankful it is done. Now the llamas will be available to adopt. Viv and Bob Fulton of Rhodie Hill Llamas took the first 8 home with them this weekend. I really want to Thank Viv and Bob for being there to support us with this huge undertaking. It made me smile from ear to ear to know that 8 lucky llamas get to live with you. Watching the first of the NY 100 leave brought happy tears to my eyes. This rescue has pretty much dominated our lives for the last few months. Our volunteers and I have given 110% of everything that we have to saving these animals. It is bittersweet watching the llamas leave. I will miss them but I want them to go on to their forever homes and fatten up this summer.
Gayle Woodsome visited yesterday while we were shearing. It was great to put a face with the name. Gayle has written some great articles about the llamas in Montana. She was also in Montana when the NY 100 were being loaded on the trailer. She was pleased with their progress. She is a great woman and it was great to get her perspective since she could see their progress since leaving Montana.

Since I have to get back to work.....I want to finish by thanking all of the other volunteers that helped us all weekend, there are too many to mention before my next class starts but I appreciate EVERYTHING that all of my BOD, Students and Supporters do for me. I am usually quick with criticism and short on compliments but I am grateful. Everyone at Red Maple Farm/NY Wildlife Rescue Center/Northeast Llama Rescue are volunteers. Donations go to the animals and I wish that we could do more but I am pretty happy with what we do now. Thanks Everyone. WES

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