Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bald Eagle #3

Want to start off blogging today by thanking all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. This past friday went as expected, "Pup pup" is in a better place. I think the worst part since losing her is sleeping. Cleo has slept in my bed for almost the last 6 years. Our nightly ritual of wrestling for pillows and trying to get enough room to sleep is over. It is weird not having her to sleep with but our Daschund Dixie is loving it. Dixie has nightmares about getting under the covers and getting layed on by pup....the bed will be a lot safer and have a lot more room.
Saturday one of our fellow rehabbers from Delhi called me to tell me that she had rescued a Bald Eagle from a field. She brought it down and Kelly (and the gang) got fluids and liquid nutrition into it. This is the 3rd Eagle that NY Wildlife Rescue Center has taken in. We arranged for transportation to Cornell Universities Wildlife Center. We have such a great relationship between our facility and Cornell University. The eagle is doing well and recovering. I suspected lead poisoning but tests are not conclusive for anything yet. We have a photo of the eagle getting ready for transport. After getting in touch with the Eagle guy in DEC, from the legband numbers, we also know a bit about the bird and even have a photo of it in the nest near Goodyear Lake as a youngster back in 2006 during a rain storm when it was banded. Notice that they dont have white heads. Eagles dont get white heads until around the age of three. I will definately keep you updated on the progress of the Eagle. Wildlife Orphan season will be upon us soon....I should have lots of interesting stories soon.
Please remember that this weekend is our 4th annual Easter Photo fundraiser. This saturday, April 2nd we will have a lamb and bunnies at the Cobleskill Agway for photos from 10am to 1pm. I will also have some of our educational Raptors there on exhibit. This sunday we will be at the Middleburgh Hardware Store from 10-1 with the same critters. This fundraiser is always good for us and you can get great easter photos with the kids and see some great Raptors. Till then, WES

The new eagle as a youngster. Photo by Scott.

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