Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Shop

I forgot to mention this in my earlier blog but I am doing my shopping today from the computer. If you look at the items for sale in our gift shop and do not see something that you want or would want to give as a gift I would be amazed. Please take a moment, look at the items in our gift shop. Get your orders in this week so that you will have the items before xmas. After operating costs, all profits go directly to support the animals that you see on the products. Winter is a tough time for us since donations slow to a trickle. Dig deep and get some great gifts without fighting for a parking spot at the mall.

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New York Wildlife Rescue Center said...

I just did a bunch of my Xmas shopping in the gift shop on our website. I cant wait to get my goodies. You will want to order by this weekend to make sure that you get your order in time for xmas. WES