Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome Home Lucas

Last night, an old friend came home. Hannah and Emma had no idea that Lucas was arriving. Lucas got off the trailer and acted much as if he had never left. He greeted his old friends in the barn. Hannah and Emma took him for a test ride around the barnyard together. After everyone left and the girls went in the house......Lucas and I had a long talk. He is relieved to be back, I am glad to "make it right" between us. Life teaches us all some very valuable lessons, sometimes it is not hard to do the right thing. Lucas, you have a home until you die an old natural death.
I really cant wait to get home from school today. I didnt let the horses out this am because it was raining so hard. I cant wait to see what the herd does with Lucas back in the mix as they gallop around their mountain pasture. I sent the Gull that came in last week to Cornell this am and they are sending back an Owl that needs to rehab with the transporter. I am on the road this weekend, check the events page to see where and when I will be flying.:) WES

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