Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clean Out Your Freezer

I have a request that everyone can do that will help us out a great deal. This is the time of year that a lot of people are getting their fall butchering done. We purchase half of a beefer every fall from a local farmer. Most meat only sits in the freezer for about a year before it starts to get freezer burnt. Hunters also frequently have surplus meat that we could really use. CLEAN OUT YOUR FREEZER1
Most of the animals at NY Wildlife Rescue Center are feed frozen rodents that get donated to us from a medical lab. We will not be getting more rodents as feed until December. Our 4 bobcats and 3 foxes eat a great deal of meat. If all of our supporters clean out their freezers, it will save more of the rodents for raptor feed. It will also reduce the amount of meat tossed into landfills and require less energy to run your appliances. Does anyone know a butcher? I know that there is a lot of wasted scraps of meat in butcher shops and grocery stores.
As I get back into the routine of blogging, please spread the word amongst your friends about what we do. Forward our website/blog address to them. "We" have grown so much at NY Wildlife Rescue Center that "we" can no longer operate without your support. "We" desperately need connections for building materials, feed, and financial support. "We" have no paid staff at our facility. Everyone is a volunteer. I know that many not for profit rescue facilities are hurting right now. I've seen several wildlife centers close this year. "We" really need a grant writer or someone that wants to be in charge of fundraising. "We" really would love a Corporate sponsor, does anyone have any connections? "We" would love to make a connection for an awesome TV series on wildlife rescue, it could be a really new twist for Planet Green, Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. Demo tapes are available, does anyone know a producer? Public Relations starts with you, it can be a grass roots effort where one person tells a friend to "pass it on"....as a one man army I can not wear all of the hats anymore.
Do you have plans for the weekend? Come see us at the NY Power Authority Wildlife Fest this sat. in Blenheim. Free admission....WES

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Jen said...

talk to grocery stores in your area. a stop & shop by us donates all their 'old' produce to us for feeding to our pigs. they love not having to pay for disposal, and it's 'free' food for us. i bet you could find a grocery butcher shop to do the same for you.