Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something Stinky

Spent most of the day today wrapping up things at school. Tomorrow (last day) should be relatively painless. I brought 2 robins that came in this morning to school with me. While I was cleaning up I fed them every 15-30 minutes. I dont normally rehab many baby birds. Most of the baby birds that come in go to one of our other rehabbers since it is difficult to teach when you have to feed baby birds every few minutes. When I got home from school, it was raining and I took a 30 min. nap until it was time to get going again. I am the king of naps. Oscar the bobcat needed his meds. Crushed the pills and put the painkiller, etc. in his dinner and went to see what he was doing. I could hear him growling when I unlocked the Raptor Center Aviary I have his squeeze cage set up in. He grabbed the rat (I get them frozen from a facility that donates rodents, I just unthaw them) and gobbled it up. He lost 2 pounds so I want to get him back up to his entrance weight the day of the accident that broke him up. I got an email from Cornell today to see how he is doing. As I said last night, I am grateful that not only did they save him but they didnt charge New York Wildlife Center. Most vets donate their services to help wildlife because they know that we dont get paid to do what we do but they are in no way obligated to do so. Feel free to send a donation to Cornell as I outlined last night. Any donations that we get dedicated to Oscar will be put towards his transportation costs and finishing his enclosure.
I showed my daughter Hannah how I did the Robins and baby Cottontail rabbits. She loves watching and helping however she can. She turns 13 soon and cant wait until she is 16 so she can take the test to get her license. I had another Robin come in. This one was an older one, had a broken wing and a messed up foot. Not good. I made it happy with lots of food and it will most likely need to be euthanized. Then I got a call on a fawn that wasnt acting right. Im glad that I didnt tell them to leave it alone. They brought it to me, it has been attacked but those wounds are old. It is covered with maggots, cant stand, has trouble nursing.....poor thing, going to be a long night. Phone rang, got another call on a family of skunks that was hanging out with their dead mom along a road. Got those 4 here via a buddy of mine. He got back home and found another one....never a dull moment. I love this time of year, every day is different. we have been getting 5-10 animal calls a day. Most people are great about giving a donation when they bring us something that we are going to have to care for for the next couple of months. A new Rehabber Tracy that has been a great help while apprenticing here has started looking around for some funding through Grants, etc. I just want to break even....I dont get another paycheck until September. It has been really busy here for the last two months. What you can you do to help? Send a donation, tell a friend to check out our website and read our blogs..... look for businesses that give donations to non-profit animal rescue facilities. Just point me in the right direction, I can no longer do this alone and Im not afraid to ask for a donation. Till tomorrow, I have to go check on a deer in my shower. Wes

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