Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today started out really weird. A kid from school brought a litter of baby pinkie mice she had found in her house. They were in a neatly lined bowl. 2 of the 8 were dead, I covered them up and they set by my computer until I went home to do bottles on my lunch period. It is weird how kids will feel the need to bring you baby animals that most people wouldnt save. We try to save anything brought to us, even if it is a mouse and we have a freezer full of them that we feed to the raptors. The way I look at it, it isnt my job to play God. It is my job to give a second chance to animals in need, even if it is a breakfast bowl full of newborn mice.
I got an email midmorning from a really nice woman whose dog found something in her yard, turns out they were newborn cottontail rabbits. She ran them up during her lunch hour. Kelly and I were getting bottles around to everyone. I have it down to a science, actually to the minute to get everyone a snack and get back to school. If people could only see how I spend my lunch hour....The rabbits will be fine.
When I got home from school Darcy had a squirrel baby that someone had just dropped off with some really bad puncture wound that looked like a cat bite. It already had fly larva on it, amazing how fast the maggots start. I am all out of the Capstar, tomorrow when I take our puppy to the vet I will beg for some more. I flushed the wound, got him cleaned up and hydrated with a lactated ringer. Got him on a heating pad, wasnt meant to be. I hate days like today.
Had a really cool woman come to look at adopting some llamas, it really means a lot to me when people come here and appreciate what I am trying to do. One family can make a difference and we are proof, we rescue more animals than most animal shelters that get govt funding and our motto has always been do it first class not half assed. Got a phone call from a guy that had found an owl that I agreed to pick up part way. Got to our meeting point and got a really cool baby Screech Owl that is making quite a racket in the box in our nursery. Ill go feed him and try to go to sleep to his nervous vocalizations. Till tomorrow, Wes

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