Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Good, Bad, Ugly

Another day, another blog.....does anyone actually read these things? I could use some sleep, if you read them...let me know. Send a tax deductible donation, doing what Im doing is bankrupting me. Came home after school and got in a redwing blackbird. Messed up wing, great energy level and attitude.....I am hoping that he does better than the Chickadee that was brought to me in my classroom after school. The kid was proud of herself, she got it away from her cat. Upon quick examination, I realized it was dead. I went to put it back in the container and protend that it was still alive. (So I didnt upset the kid) The kid wasnt to be fooled, she said that darn thing was just alive. I explained that I hate it when they dont even give you a chance to help them. She took it well. I was hoping that I could do something after school to save something alive.

Got home for another Raccoon call, doesn't anyone get licensed for RVS species anymore...:) The woman had touched the coon while walking her dog. The Health Department had cleared her to bring it to me. DONT TOUCH THEM, use your shirt or take off your socks as gloves before just picking up a baby animal with your bare hands. When I looked at her and I saw the protruding eye, I knew that this was more than I could handle.....off to the vet again. The vet met me in the parking lot (as usual), wild animals dont go in the waiting room (my idea) and I made the same lame joke from yesterday (with the possum) that there was something wrong with my cat and I pulled the very upset coon out of the crate. Once out, she promptly wimpered and covered up her face (what baby coons do when they are scared and dont want to see what is happening). The eye is bad, options: euthanize, leave it and hope it dries up or remove. With flies, my concern was maggots and a slow painful death. I promised to wax and wash the vets truck.....we have a surgery appointment for tomorrow at noon during my lunch break from school. Worst case scenario, coon dies.....best case scenario, coon lives with one eye....one bridge to cross at a time.

Got back to the facility cheerful and felt bad that there were 5 people working on the Raptor Center construction and I wasnt. I had to do rounds, feed, chores. Phone rang right about the time that I was only 2 hours behind schedule and I had another rehabber that can not take RVS species bring me another coon. This little guy was in great shape compared to the little guy with the bad eye. Got moved in with a litter.....no exposure to his rescuers, this one was easy. Then I got the call that I was waiting for.....SKUNK. Love 'em, they are such little Napoleans. Unlike coons that are screaming emotions and demanding (which I love), skunks are little bad asses (literally) and act most of the time like they are doing you a favor by eating the food that you give them.

The skunk came in, she was everything that I expected. Got her set up and settled in the nursery. The woman and her boyfriend that brought her were cool. She actually participated in a CWD study on deer, very intelligent and right up my alley. She did however touch the skunk but it was refreshing (after my interogation) to find out that she has had her rabies shots...one less thing to worry about. After they left, I checked on the Red Wing Blackbird that was settling in. Got through the coon bottles and got out my skunk equipment. This little skunk liked the formula but as she was suckling, I noticed she had more teeth and was older than I thought. I got rid of the nipples and poured some formula in a dish....not really interested. Opened up a big can of catfood, mixed in my mixture and put the can in front of her on my lap. She sniffed it and wallowed right in and ate for the next 10 minutes...awesome. Hope some more skunks come in soon so I can raise her with some friends, Im sure they will come. While she was eating, I noticed a tick inside her ear which I coaxed out....no, doesnt get much better than baby skunks. When you release them, they just walk off in the woods. They never look back, never say thanks, just walk off like they have someplace more important to be than with me. Morning is coming fast, gotta get a nap. Wes

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