Thursday, June 11, 2009

Black Eye Susie

Sorry I didnt blog last night. No new animals came in yesterday (good day) but I did get a call on 6 baby raccoons coming in tonight from another rehabber that does not have her RVS license and cant keep them.

I went at 6pm last night to pick up the raccoon from the vets. She was still unconsciencous but starting to "talk" in her sleep. A sign that she was coming around. The girls at the vet clinic all love "Susie". I dont name wildlife but sometimes other people do. Ill still call her coon, grump, sweatheart, and pain in the butt....but Black Eye Sue fits. I didnt even look at her until she got back to our facility and we got into the nursery. She was sleeping next to a hot water bottle and was barely moving. I took her out, looked the eye over and then set her back up in her crate in a comfy position. I didnt like looking at her before the surgery, she was scary looking with the protruding dried up eyeball sticking out.

Went on with the rest of chores, some friends stopped to help with the Raptor Center Construction..... I feel guilty that I have not been able to help much on it but the animals have to be fed and cared for after school before anything else. I have chores down to a finely tuned schedule and system. I really just wanted to get the "must do now" list done so I could get to the "need to do" list. By 10pm, I was done.....into the nursery for some quality time with the skunk and Susie Coon. Susie coon was still out of it, I heard her moving around at about 2pm and came out to see if she wanted some water. At 530 am this morning she was with it enough that she ate a nice sized "mush" mixture breakfast of fruits, veggies, formula and cat food/with gravy. She ate it all.

The skunk continues to make me smile. Every time I go to give her food she flags me (points her tail straight up and aims her butt towards me).....she is so naughty. I am going to move her out to the transition area tonight. She is weaned and doesnt need to be in the nursery to imprint on me. I like to keep them wild, once weaned the wildlife gets very little human contact besides feeding and/or cleaning.

I have a gut feeling that tonight afterschool will be busy. Thanks Gayle for the blog addition. The vet bills are one of my biggest expenses. I also have to raise the money for the 8 alpacas that I am going to rescue this sunday. They will need to be gelded. The indoor half of the Raptor Center is almost finished, I have some Raptors coming tomorrow night. If we are going to break ground for the outdoor rehab flight.... we will need some donations to get started on that as well. I hate asking for money but we have to raise money or we will be forced to start saying no.... we have too many animals for me to be able to continue to pay all of the bills alone.

Your (tax deductible) donation of any amount will be put to great use and is needed. Wes

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