Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mothers Day

Dont forget Mothers Day is coming this Sunday, May 10th. My wife is tough to find a good gift for. She says that she doesnt want anything but that doesnt go over well when she gets it. Like most women, I would imagine if she has to ask for it, it isnt a gift of any thought. She loves shopping so if she wants something, she saves her money and gets it. She loves being a mom to our 3 kids, loves teaching at our school and loves taking care of her orphaned baby squirrels. I was talking with my kids (of the raccoon variety) last night when I was feeding them at 230 am and we came up with the a great gift (that she gets every year). We are going to do the tree thing again this year. Dogwood I believe. The squirrels and the coons preferred oak but Darcy likes flowering spring trees so that is the plan. After we give Darcy her tree, I have a Red Fox and a Raccoon that I overwintered that need to be released back into the wild. I think that we will take them "fishing" sunday afternoon. Darcy and I love to fish but typically dont have time unless we are releasing wildlife at one of our favorite lakeside spots.
I dont know why we really need to have a day to honor mothers , fathers , grandparents, etc.. I dont want anything for Fathers Day..... except a nap, some icecream and to get our bear enclosure finished. I would also like to get at least halfway through the construction of the Raptor Center at NY Wildlife Rescue Center (two are done, six to go for the total of 8). You know, for Mothers Day (or in memory of a mother that has passed away) NYWRC will gladly take your tax deductible donations (in your name) in memory of a loved one. I would do it for my wife but I would be living in the Raptor Center if I did. Till next time, Wes

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